• The range of air circuit breakers is available for rated currents from 630 A to 6300A Advantages: compact in size and light in weight reduced heat losses for higher in panel ratings.
  • Coordinated communication concept using the PROFIBUS DP or MODBUS, ranging from 16 A to 6300 A with 3WT & 3WL air circuit breakers
  • The high level of modularity of circuit breakers and accessories allows easy retrofitting of all communication components
  • Significant additional benefits for the switchgear due to the possibility of linking up external input and output modules to the circuit breaker-internal Cubicle BUS of the 3WL


  • A circuit breaker is an automatically-operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit.
  • Its basic function is to detect a fault condition and, by interrupting continuity, to immediately discontinue electrical flow.
  • A circuit breaker is an automatically-operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit.
  • Its basic function is to detect a fault condition and, by interrupting continuity, to immediately discontinue electrical flow. Unlike a fuse, which operates once and then has to be replaced, a circuit breaker can be reset (either manually or automatically) to resume normal operation.
  • Circuit breakers are made in varying sizes, from small devices that protect an individual household appliance up to large switchgear designed to protect high voltage circuits feeding an entire city.


  • Distribution Board: Siemens Miniguard Distribution board provides and Commercial Applications.
  • The Range offers a Choice of Incoming devices via Isolators, MCBs or RCCBs and a Choice of Enclosures from four way to twelve way in Single and Double Door Design.

Features :-

  • DBs are stylish and suit any decor. It gets well with any wall color and is a natural choice for top architects, builders, and for modern residential users.
  • A unique flush level marking is provided on the U box which guides the installer on the adequate mounting depth during installation.


  • The technical and descriptive information on the function, construction and selection of the new types of 3SE3 limit switches is presented here.
  • These limit switches are actuated by straight edges, cams, stops or plates etc. and give control commands for the further progress of the switching program or of the manufacturing/processing squence.
  • For the various control applications there are 2 ranges available, namely open type and metal enclosed limit switches with 3 different versions of contact configuration.
  • There is a wide range of actuators suitable for different operations/ actuation conditions, enabling the user to select the most optimum one for the particular application.
  • Specially designed compact housings also allow for optimum installation and convenient cable entry.
  • The design, materials used and manufacturing processes ensure that 3SE3 limit switches guarantee the reliable functioning of control and auxiliary systems.


  • The Siemens low voltage HRC fuses of BS type design have been developed for industrial applications. Due to the special design, they give high rupturing capacity combined with low temperature rise under normal load conditions.
  • The quick acting characteristics of the fuses ensure that under the worst fault conditions, cut-off occurs before the maximum value of fault current is reached, thus reducing the electro-magnetic stresses and fire risk.
  • Fuses are the fastest & simplest current limiting devices. With a wide current range, multiple voltage ratings and high short circuit strength, Siemens 3NA fuses are perfectly equipped for overcurrent protection in buildings & industries.
  • The unique combi- indication enables the user to view the fuse status, easily, even from a distance. With Siemens fuses, protection is easy, safe and reliable.
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  • Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB): The Siemens Miniguard Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) Protects wires and Cables Automatically Against Overload and Short Circuit in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Installations.
  • The common idea behind a miniature circuit breaker is to make a switch that will mechanically turn itself off if overmuch current flows through it.
  • The 5SL, 7.5 & 10KA miniature circuit breakers (mcb) is available in a Comprehensive range from 0.5 to 63 A in 1,2,3 and 4 Pole version.

Features :-

  • Current limiting class 3 type breakers.
  • B”/"C" / "D" tripping characteristics.
  • Service life : Average 20,000 operations at rated load.
  • Suitable for AC and DC circuits.
  • Wide range of Add on accessories.
  • Trip Free mechanism


  • SIKOSTART 3RW24 digital electronic motor controllers (SOFTDRIVE) are multifunctional electronic system to provide smooth acceleration, eceleration and a controlled level of starting current for use with three phase asynchronous motors. Apart from its basic functions, it also is equipped to protect the motor under various fault conditions.
  • With its advanced start & stop modes, extensive protections and improved fault diagnostics; the controller has the maximum flexibility to suit any kind of load requirement.
  • The SIKOSTART range of digital controllers utilize 6 thyristors, each phase has two thyristors in antiparallel configuration.
  • By varying the thyristor conduction period, the voltage applied to the motor and hence the motor starting torque, are controlled.
  • Two versions are available viz. Line connection (3-wire system) and Inside Delta connection (6-wire system).


  • The 3&4 pole contactors type 3RT and 3TF (3RH & 3TH-AUXI) are specially designed to meet specific applications.
  • These contactors are highly reliable, user friendly and meets the expectation of world class Siemens products. They conform to the latest IEC60947-4-1 standard and carry CE marking.
  • 3TF3/3RT capacitor contactors are used to switch power capacitors that are utilized for reactive current compensation.
  • Special series resistors and auxiliary contacts, integrated in the capacitor contactor, reduce the high inrush current of the capacitor which would otherwise flow.
  • This reduced inrush current guarantees a high contactor and capacitor enhanced life.
  • These contactors are available in sizes S00, S0 and S3 and can generally be equipped with the standard accessories of the basic devices


  • A motor Starter has two basic functions to perform: 1) Starting and stopping the motor.
  • Providing adequate protection to the motor and safeguarding it in the event of sustained overloads, single phasing, locked rotor conditions and under voltage.
  • Siemens makes a wide variety and range of Starters suitable for various applications. However, for small general purpose motor feeders

Features :-

  • Equipped with robust 20A (AC3) contactor
  • Accurate protection under single phasing & overload
  • High mechanical & electrical life
  • Easy to maintain
  • Field tested for adverse conditions
  • Wide band coil available
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  • The Siemens 7PV & 3RP Timers provide adjustable star time i.e.[(2-20/6-60 sec)/(20-200 sec)] and fixed Star to Delta transfer time (i.e. 50 ms) Timers type 7PV 20–3N..are provided with 2 time setting ranges.


  • 3RP15 electronic timers can be used for all delayed switching applications in control, starting and protection circuits. They are ideal for use in application like machine tools, material handling, process control and motor control.
  • With multifunction timer, you can configure the same timer as per your application need. Thus one timer is suited for many applications


  • Reduction in inventory cost (upto 80%) due to universal time and universal voltage ON delay timers.
  • High accuracy ( < ±1% repeat accuracy & < ±5% setting accuracy) and switching reliability.


  • The Control Switches and HP Rated Switches are suitable for reliable and safe starting and stopping of 3-phase A.C. motors even under heavy starting and, locked rotor conditions.
  • They can be classified as motor-duty switches of AC 3 category, of duty according to IS : 4064 / 1978.
  • The switches can be supplied in open execution or in sheet steel enclosure.
  • The switches are known for their versatile design, high making and breaking capacity, long mechanical and contact life and the many safety features that are provided.
  • The switches are suitable for frequency of operations upto 200 switching cycles per hour.
  • The maximum rating of the HRC fuses for short circuit protection is 25 Amps and 63 Amps for switches size 2 and size 6 respectively

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