Comprio is a voice alarm system that's optimised for small and medium-size facilities such as schools, hotels, leisure centres and offices. It's characterised by its compact design, wide performance range and its flexibility.

Digital Output Module (DOM)



The Digital Output Module (DOM) is the heart of the Honeywell Voice Alarm and Public Address system. Managing either 8 or 24 zones the DOM routes up to 4 channels of audio via amplifiers to any individual zone or groups of zones.


Class D Power Amplifiers


Combining the latest in digital audio technology with the integrity necessary for emergency Voice Alarm systems to satisfy the requirements of EN54 part 16.

Direct Drive Power Amplifier


4-channel Direct Drive Amplifier rack mountable amplifier unit providing a 4 x 125W power outputs, with integral battery charger.


Visual Control Module (VCM)


The VCM enables the standardised display of messages and has a 5-button operator control panel. At least one VCM is required for EN54-16 systems.

Universal Interface Module (UIM)


Interface module enables audio or control connection to third party systems such as CD players, security systems and other PA/VA or building management control systems.


System Communication Unit (SCU)


The System Communication Unit (SCU) serves as a digital audio memory source able to simultaneously record and play back multiple audio data streams.


Paging Microphone


Untitled1_page1_image1.jpgThe paging microphone DCS15 (and expansion module, DKM18) allows for the selection of loudspeaker zones, and the transmission of voice announcements.


Emergency Microphones

Untitled1_page1_image1.jpgEmergency Microphone used to select and broadcast preprogrammed alarm messages and live voice announcements during emergency situations.


Time Control Module (TCM)


                                                  The Time Control Module ensures time synchronization via GPS signal. Ideal for exact timing of automated announcements, timed volume adjustments or the exact documentation of system events.


Contact Interface Module


Interface module providing 8 control contacts which can be configured as either inputs or outputs enabling the system to be controlled externally and to provide system status information and cause and effect control/ management.

Loop Technology

Untitled1_page1_image1.jpg                                                   The Honeywell VA loop is a new technology for optimising the reliability of the loudspeaker connection using an open and short-circuit-resistant loop is monitored by loop isolation modules.



EVACLITE : 8 Zone Voice Alarm


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