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XLPE Power - Control Cables

  • Highly compacted conductors to reduce AC losses which are due to skin and proximity effect.
  • Purest insulation to bear thermal and thermo-mechanical stresses at continuous normal and short circuit temperature conditions.
  • Complete protection against most forms of electrolytic and chemical corrosion.
  • Extruded inner sheath(for XLPE insulated power cable HT).
  • Sequencial length marking on outer sheath of the cables.
  • Over 90%armour coverage of armoured cables.

Other Range

  • PVC Insulated Multi Core Round Copper Conductor PVC Sheathed (FR & FR-LSH) 1100 Volts confirming to IS:694.
  • Flat Three Core Submersible PVC Insulated Industrial Cable 1100 Volts, Confirming to IS:694.
  • Co-axial TV Cables.
  • Telephone Cables (Unarmoured).