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Bharat Bijlee

Bharat Bijlee - Motors

Bharat Bijlee is one of the leading Electrical Motor manufacturers in India. It offers a comprehensive range of highly reliable and energy efficient 3 Phase AC Electrical Rotating Machine from 0.12 kW to 1250 kW.

The industrial sector accounts for over half the total electricity consumption, of which 60 to 70% is utilized by electric motors. This indicates that the electric motors consume more energy than any other application.

A typical electric motor’s average lifespan ranges anywhere between 15 to 20 years depending on the quality of raw material and manufacturing process. The operational cost of a motor is around 95% of the total life cycle cost. With a steadily increasing installed base of electric motors, our nation has a tremendous opportunity to save energy.

Product Capability:

  • Motors conform to relevant IS/IEC standards
  • Customized motors designed & manufactured to suit application specific needs
  • The most suitable solutions to extremely harsh and severe applications
  • Motors suited for all applications i.e. Pumps, compressors, fans & blowers, conveyors, lifts, screen, vibrators, centrifuges, stone crusher and many more
  • Preferred brand across multiple sectors like cement, construction, steel, food & beverages, water & wastewater, sugar & distilleries to name a few