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About OSRAM lightings

OSRAM's lights are well represented in all professional applications. A great variety of lamp technologies ensure energy efficient, long-lived, and brilliant light. Excellent efficiency, exceptional lighting comfort and extremely high reliability with Electronic Control Gears (ECG) and Lighting Management Systems (LMS) from OSRAM. From an individual light-emitting diode to complete systems - at OSRAM you'll find the right solution for your lighting project and other specific LED application areas. OSRAM luminaires - sophisticated combinations for creative lighting ideas. Light ideas for home and travel, with designs that meet the latest requirements; that not only beautify your life but also make it simpler. And common to all of them: top quality and long service life.

There is no need for a gloomy atmosphere at home. OSRAM lamps provide a pleasant brilliant like very similar to natural daylight. This clear and natural light can create striking accents in any room and will give your home a complete make-over. And it’s a bonus that OSRAM lamps also save energy. OSRAM's latest highlights, the OSRAM ENERGY SAVER lamps, are even more efficient than previous hid lamps – which will save you even more money and also help protect the environment. A wide range of OSRAM lamps is available – with screw bases or pin bases, for line voltage or for use in 12V low-voltage systems – and in all sizes from small spotlights to large ceiling floodlights.

Are you looking for color and mood? Have you always wanted to accentuate your favorite corners and pictures? Would you like to decorate home and garden with light without worrying about power costs or changing lamps all the time? Would you like to conserve energy and make a contribution to protecting our environment ?

OSRAM LED lamps offer you many different options for using light as a permanent fixture and mood enhancer. Thanks to their popular bases, you can start using them in the blink of an eye.